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Nik Kalyani, Decentology Founders, Uplifting the role of Women in Crypto

23 Apr 2022 By : Coin Gabbar
Nik Kalyani, Decento

For many people, cryptocurrency has been a gamechanger. Nik Kalyani, a tech expert, presently working very hard to empower women in the cryptocurrency business.

He feels that it is critical for them to be equally a part of this advancement. He has contributed to a number of programs that assist women in achieving financial security through the generation of passive income.

He has been collaborating and giving out various grants totalented and ambitious women to create an empire. Nik has especially supported women artists around the world. He aims to ensure that women excel in thedomain and assist others as well. Creating a system like this would be extremelybeneficial for society.

Nik has been successful in financially supporting projects suchas Surge Women, TryCrypto, and Bored Babes.Most of these initiatives are focused on educating and building up women inthis industry. Moreover, one of them is an NFT collection as well, which solelyrevolves around women who are building strong financial pools.

Nik has been working on his firm, which he statedwhile attempting to make all of this feasible. He is a businessman that foundedDecentology. His business was responsiblefor developing and deploying the Hyperverse,an open yet secure on-chain code marketplace that allows any JavaScriptdeveloper to simply and quickly construct Web3 application(s) without writing asingle line of smart contract code. Developers may assemble pre-developed andcertified Smart Modules to create their own Dapps (Decentralized Applications),similar to assembling Lego pieces. This one-of-a-kind concept has received alot of support from the appropriate niche.]

Along with that, Decentologyis also playing a vital role in spreading the word and giving people theawareness to understand how the Web3 space works. Nik has introduced thesefresh concepts, and he takes absolute pride in his hard work. People like himshould be cherished and recognized for the value they have been able to add tothe tech world.

Supporting more women developers to join the Web3 space is asignificant cause, and what Nik is investing in right now will impact futuregenerations. Many talented women are willing to grow and challenge themselves,but finding the right opportunities can be tough during these times. Theinitiatives Nik has been building are a great way to empower and uplift women,so their futures are brighter. 

I want the worldto see that women can not only excel in the crypto domain, but their innateempathy enables them to create amazing solutions that move the entire ecosystemforward without leaving those less-privileged or less-abled behind,” says Nik.

The 21st century has genuinely changed the standing women havein the world. Availing the right chances and making the right decisions canlead to further successful women around the globe. Crypto trading and NFTinvestments are another way for them to challenge themselves. What Nik is doingfor this cause is very inspiring and motivational.