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Popular Meme Coin Pepe Reaches All-Time High (ATH)

Key Takeaways
  • The Price of Pepe (PEPE) Meme Coin has Increased by More than 23% in the last 24 hours.
  • Pepe Memecoin has made a New All Time High.
  • Currently it has become the 24th largest Crypto Currency in terms of Market Cap.
14-May-2024 By: Supriya Raje
Popular Meme Coin Pe

Popular Meme Coin Pepe Reaches All Time High

In Today's Market, While big Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are going up and down in Price, Meme coins are seeking attention from everyone, Especially Investors looking for something different to Invest in. That's where Pepe (PEPE), a Popular Meme Coin, comes in Crypto Market. In just the last 24 hours, its Price Shot up by More than 19%, Reaching a brand New Record High. To put this into perspective, right now, Pepe's Price is almost 18,380.81% higher than its lowest point back in April 2023. That's a massive jump! This Incredible Performance has made Pepe stand out as the Top-Performing Meme Coin in the Crypto Market. In fact, it's currently ranked as the 24th largest cryptocurrency based on its total market value.

Pepe's Price Increased due to Whale Investor

The price of Pepe Coin has seen a Notable Increase, along with a significant rise in Trading Volume. In the past 24 hours, Pepe's trading volume has reached $2.76 billion, which is 279% higher than the previous day. This Surge Reflects the Increasing Investor Interest and Market Activity in the Meme Coin. The Current Price is significantly higher by 18,380.81% from the All-Time Low of $0.00000005514 Recorded on April 18, 2023. Recently, a Prominent Investor known as Pepe Whale took significant steps by depositing 250 billion PEPE tokens valued at $2.67 Million on the Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance. Initially Investing just $1,000, the Whale has now Gained a Profit of $3.6 Million.

Additionally, a few weeks ago, Market maker Amber Group acquired 110 billion PEPE from Binance. Another Whale also Purchased 211.6 billion PEPE, drawing attention to the Token and driving its Prices up.

Pepe Can Set a New Record in 2025

We can predict that the upward trend of meme token Pepe will keep going and might even become more Popular than Shiba Inu. The way this Meme Token is Performing right now, its Price can reach $0.0000500 by 2025, which is that this token can easily make it happen. The Increasing trend in the Crypto Market towards Meme Tokens and the Increasing Hype in Social Media can also play an important role in Increasing the Price of Pepe. The Increasing Popularity will attract more and more Investors to this Token, which can play an important role in the rise in PEPE prices.

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