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PoorQuack: One meme to rule them all and an ambitious long-term project

PoorQuack: One meme

“One meme to rule them all.” Does it sound like too much? Is it an exaggeration? However, maybe that statement is right to the point and expresses the reality of PoorQuack. 

PoorQuack was born onDec. 11, 2021, with a fair launch, so that everyone could participate and take part in the birth of this project. The launch of the POOR token took place on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and soon expanded on the Ethereum blockchain, so now PoorQuack is on two smart blockchain Networks having more robust functioning and support.

The PoorQuack team has constantly and without any delay announced the development of high-quality products that could increase the value of this project.

PoorQuack contracts, both on Ethereum and BSC, have been thoroughly audited by Certik and audited and Know Your Customer (KYC)verification by Soken. The Ethereum contract was audited by SpyWolf. These audits were performed to provide the necessary proof, certifying the steps the thePoorQuack team has made to ensure maximum safety for its contracts. Also, staking contracts use Synthetix (SNX), with updates that have been audited many times and a fully diluted market cap of $1.1 billion. 

 The PoorQuack token contract was tested by developers and test net testers back in October. 


Only memes will be listed, and listing fees will be applied to create revenue. Users will be able to vote to trend tokens, with no paid scams and only legit communities controlling the trends.

PoorQuack NFTs

PoorQuack nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are hand-drawn and authentic. The collection is already fairly large, and more NFTsare being added almost every week.


PoorQuack team intends to create its own blockchain calledMemeChain, providing the ability for new projects to deploy their tokens.  

This news is certainly bullish and shows that the vision of this team is to claim a big piece of the crypto space that belongs to other meme coins currently.

It’s clear that PoorQuack is a long-term project with an immense focus on development and growth. That’s the recipe for building a great future.

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