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Prestigious Football Award Ballon dOr Winners to Receive NFTs

09-Sep-2022 By: Shikha Jha
Prestigious Football

The organizers of the Ballon d'Or, the most prestigious individual award for professional footballers, have announced that along with trophies the winners will receive NFTs as well.

During the 66th ceremony, the Equipe Media Group award will reveal the NFTs to the winners for the first time. According to a local media outlet, the group also offers public the opportunity to purchase additional prize-related collections.

In addition to awarding the NFT to the best male and female football players, collectibles will be available alongside the Kopa Trophy (best hope), Machine Trophy (best goalkeeper), and Müller Trophy (best striker).

NFT long term strategy 

According to the media group, the inclusion of NFTs in Ballon d'Or is part of a longer-term strategy. The initiative is a partnership between the blockchain platform Tezos and Door-Sport, a creative firm interested in sports and Web3.

Émilie Montané, director of strategy Equipe, stated that “this is the right time to invest in NFTs because most prices have stabilized.

“There was a speculative occurrence. Now that the market has stabilized, there are as many buyers as before, but the prices are no longer as outrageous. They will own this NFT and will be free to do anything they want with it.” Montané believes “it is an essential component of communication.”

The award follows other sports-related organizations in foraying into the metaverse and NFT. Montané added that they studied the industry for a long time before settling on an entry plan.

Ballon d’Or NFT auction

Furthermore, Equipe stated that it will auction three NFTs that would grant holders VIP access to the October 17 awards ceremony. He further stated that a hundred more had been lined up for sale following the event.

Some of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to support charitable activities at the Fondaction l'Équipe, which supports sports-related projects.

Additionally, the English Premier League is one of the football entities venturing into NFTs, having registered for multiple trademarks. Such ventures are considered as a way to engage with people and raise funds.

As CoinGabbar earlier reported, NFTs have grown significantly in the last two months. The NFT industry saw several firms and well-known artists using NFTs in their business operations in order to attract a large user base.

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