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Ripple Expands Cross-Border Payment Network to 70+ Markets

Key Takeaways
  • Ripple broadens its payment network to 70+ markets, simplifying cross-border transactions
  • Ripple covers 90% of the FX market, handling $30B in payments, showcasing blockchain's role in mainstream finance
  • Ripple secures 30+ licenses, and partners with Rocketfuel and Onafriq to address financial inefficiencies and open new payment corridors, notably in Africa
10-Nov-2023 By: Simran Mishra
Ripple Expands Cross

Ripple Expands Cross-Border Payments Network to More Than 70 Markets

Ripple has announced a significant expansion of its payment network to include more than 70 crypto and traditional markets. This announcement came during Ripple's annual Swell Conference in Dubai, highlighting a major step forward in bringing blockchain technology and mainstream finance together.

The enhanced network, previously known as Ripplenet, now provides businesses with a strong infrastructure to make cross-border payments faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Ripple has simplified the onboarding process, enabling companies to easily access extensive global payout coverage through a single integration point.

As a result of this expansion, Ripple's network has grown extensively, now covering 90% of the global foreign exchange market. This market is crucial for treasury and corporate FX cross-border payments. The network's payment volume has reached over $30 billion, highlighting its substantial influence on the financial sector.

Ripple's Regulatory Achievements and Partnerships

Ripple's success is not just about its growth but also about its ability to navigate regulations effectively. With over 30 licenses under its belt, including a Major Payments Institution license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore and several Money Transmitter Licenses in the U.S. These regulatory milestones highlight Ripple's dedication to conducting its operations in accordance with the established frameworks set by financial authorities.

Ripple's expansion efforts include forming strategic partnerships, with Rocketfuel, a global payments solution company, which is among the first customers to benefit from the new network. Peter Jensen, Rocketfuel's CEO, emphasized the game-changing potential of blockchain in fixing the inefficiencies and high costs linked to outdated financial technologies.

Another partnership that Ripple has announced is with Onafriq, which will focus on opening up new payment corridors between Africa and the rest of the world. This initiative is expected to significantly enhance the economic connection between African nations and global markets.

Ripple 's initiatives reflect a larger trend in the financial industry where blockchain and digital currencies are increasingly recognized for their potential to improve transactional processes. By providing a more inclusive payment system, Ripple is supporting the growth of businesses and contributing to the global financial infrastructure.

The expansion of Ripple's network signals a shift in the financial industry, embracing the integration of blockchain technology with traditional finance. It represents a growing acceptance of crypto as a viable component of the global economy, paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient financial future.

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