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Ripple's XRP Ledger Now Allows Developers to Create Layer-1 Smart Contracts

Ripple's XRP Ledger

Ripple's XRP Ledger Now Allows Developers to Create Layer-1 Smart 

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Recently, Hooks Builder, a web-based environment, was released by Ripple's XRPL Labs, the software development business behind the XRP Ledger, enabling developers to test, debug, and deploy Layer-1 smart contracts on XRPL.

The project is the result of work that began two years ago, according to a statement from XRPL Labs. The action is a part of Ripple's aim to make the XRP Ledger compatible with smart contracts.

On July 30, 2020, the firm posted a blog post titled "XRPL Labs is working on the HOOKS modification for the XRP Ledger." The company then started a number of initiatives to make sure the solution was successfully deployed.

Early in 2021, XRPL Labs' perseverance in enabling L1 smart contract capabilities paid off, which resulted in the stealthy debut of Hooks Testnet v2.

XRPL Labs recently said, “we are VERY PROUD to report that we have just consolidated two years of effort into a single commit and sent a Pull Request to the newly created "Hooks" branch of the "rippled" repository. Testing and audits to make Hooks into an amendment that is ready for prime time are set to begin. We also collaborated with fantastic guys at to allow everyone to become comfortable with Hooks, develop hooks, test them, share them, and break them. Additionally, we're introducing the Hooks Builder a web-based development environment that enables developers to create, test, deploy, trigger, and troubleshoot.”

The solution, which includes Hooks Builder, Hooks source code, and utility libraries, is now kept by the XRPL Foundation.

Hooks’ Features

Using Hooks, developers may modify the flow and behaviour of transactions. The code must be defined in the XRPL account by the user-developer. As a result. activating the transaction logic required.

It is interesting that programmers may create Hooks code in any language. This would increase the XRP Ledger's ability to execute smart contracts with greater flexibility.

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