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Samsung Launches ‘Space Tycoon’ Metaverse Experience

Samsung Launches ‘Sp

Samsung Launches ‘Space Tycoon’ Metaverse Experience

The launch of Space Tycoon, a metaverse-based experience created as a component of the Roblox universe, has been announced by electronics behemoth Samsung. A universe where Samsung items may be built by selecting their basic components will be featured in the gaming metaverse, which is intended to engage Gen Z users. The experience will also have a store where players can purchase in-game stuff.

As part of this approach, large corporations are increasingly concentrating some of their resources on building captivating metaverse-based worlds. The electronics company Samsung is introducing a metaverse world that was created as a component of the Roblox universe. Users will be able to take part in a space station that is gathering resources to create and manufacture Samsung products as part of the Space Tycoon experience.

Additionally, there will be a store in the virtual world where users can buy stuff for their avatars. A younger audience, who will have the chance to learn about the company and its goods, is the target demographic for this event.

In relation to Samsung Space Tycoon,  Jinsoo Kim, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics' Corporate Design Centre, stated that “we wanted to provide our Gen Z customers an opportunity to use Samsung goods in a way they had never used them before. We'll continue to feature content that offers our current and potential customers more pleasurable and worthwhile digital experiences.”

Samsung has been involved in a variety of software projects with a strong focus on entertainment and gaming. With influential partners in the region, the company has been actively developing a number of initiatives. One of these is the NFT platform, which was created in partnership with the renowned NFT market Nifty Gateway and would allow the platform to provide its NFTs via Samsung smart TVs.

Additionally, the company has invested in businesses whose main goal is to create platforms based on the metaverse. It participated in the Series A funding round for Doubleme, a metaverse firm with a base in Korea, in April. In the same line, the business opened its own store in January in Decentraland, one of the most well-known metaverses.

However, the company chose to concentrate on the software side of things and did not exhibit gear specifically designed to support these experiences. Although the metaverse is frequently linked to virtual reality and augmented reality, some people are still unsure of what this notion actually entails.

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