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Samsung Partners with Tenstorrent to Develop AI Chips

Key Takeaways
  • On October 2, Canadian startup Tenstorrent announced a new partnership with Samsung's chip maker division.
  • Ripple will continue to prioritize Asia Pacific for adoption of its crypto-backed products. So that it can expand its business in Singapore.
  • Tenstorrent closed a $100 million funding round in August led by Samsung and automotive maker Hyundai.
04-Oct-2023 By: Deeksha
Samsung Partners wit

Tenstorrent announces new partnership with Samsung

Canadian startup Tenstorrent has revealed a new partnership with the chip maker division of Samsung. Tenstorrent announced this new partnership with Samsung on October 2. Along with this, Tenstorrent says that it will use the new partnership with Samsung to bring the next generation AI chiplets to the market. Because Tenstorrent works to make chips, IP and AI processors for data centers. This partnership will use the SF4X process and 4nm architecture, one of Samsung's advanced manufacturing processes, to produce the next generation chips. Following the announcement of Tenstorrent's partnership with Samsung, the product to be developed with Samsung will be a chiplet that will be combined with other chiplets in a single package.

Tenstorrent aims to develop high performance compute

Tenstorrent CEO Jim Keller has said that the goal of this partnership is to develop 'High Performance Compute' and deliver its solutions to customers around the world. Let us tell you that in August, Tenstorrent had stopped its $100 million funding round led by Samsung and automotive maker Hyundai. Explaining the reason behind this, Tenstorrent had said that this funding will be spent on product development, design, making AI chiplets and accelerating the roadmap of machine learning software. But now Tenstorrent has once again joined hands with Samsung and announced a new partnership. Along with this, this decision of Tenstorrent has been taken after the race to develop the most powerful AI chips to create high level AI systems. Because a few days ago, UK PM Rishi Sunak had also talked about spending $130 million to buy thousands of computer chips while working towards making his country an AI hub. Perhaps Canada is also coming ahead in the AI race currently raging among all the countries and meanwhile, Startup Tenstorrent has decided to join hands with Samsung to produce the next generation chips.

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