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Samsung will manufacture Bitcoin mining chips

01-Jul-2022 By: Rohit Tripathi
Samsung will manufac

Samsung will manufacture Bitcoin mining chips | best app cryptocurrency

After making a hint regarding the device during the 2022 Q1 financial call, South Korean electronics giant Samsung is allegedly working on 3nm chips that may be used for BTC mining.

Sources claim that tests are already underway for the 3nm chips with specific integrated circuits (ASICs), known to be efficient Bitcoin mining equipment.

Samsung's capacity to manufacture 3nm chips will probably alleviate various difficulties in Bitcoin mining, such as lowering power usage by up to 30%. Along with a 33 percent greater translator density, the chips may also accelerate mining by roughly 15%.

Samsung secures its initial client

The business has already signed up PanSemi, a Chinese ASIC maker, as its first client. According to further sources, Qualcomm, a company located in the United States, has also reserved the chips.

The main customer of Samsung, Qualcomm, had made orders for 4nm chips, but the South Korean business was unable to fulfill them. According to reports, the businesses also reached an understanding wherein Samsung would make Qualcomm's 3nm manufacturing technology accessible whenever necessary.

In contrast to the traditional FinFET technique used to produce 7nm and 5nm circuits, Samsung's 3nm endeavor is based on the company's Gate All Around (GAAFET) technology. In general, GAAFET reduces the silicon size, improving performance.

Benefits of using Samsung's 3nm chip for BTC mining

Notably, the potential launch of 3nm processors would support the SHA256 hash rate and the ASIC market for Bitcoin.

Despite the substantial cryptocurrency market price adjustment, the hash rate on the Bitcoin network has been climbing recently. According to sources, the hash rate reached a record high of 220 EH/s in May before stabilizing at around 215 EH/s in June.

With Samsung's debut in bitcoin mining, the market is witnessing intense rivalry between cutting-edge technology and the introduction of cutting-edge products.

For instance , Intel revealed the arrival of the Blockscale bitcoin mining processor. The chip, according to the manufacturer, offers increased energy efficiency for SHA-256 hashing.

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