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Shiba Inu Releases Shiba Eternity in Australia

17-Sep-2022 By: Simran Mishra
Shiba Inu Releases S

Shiba Inu has announced the launch of Shiba Eternity, 

A collectible card game, in Australia. 

The members of Shiba Inu in Australia could download the game via the Apple App Store. 

In an official tweet, Shiba Inu a decentralized cryptocurrency project announced the launch of Shiba Eternity, a card collectible game, in Australia via a tweet. The tweet announced that Australian ShibaArmy members may download the game from the Apple App Store. It added that the game would be available on the Google Play Store soon.

Shiba Eternity is a Shiba Inu collectible card game (SHIB CCG). The game has been under development for several months. Prior to the game's launch, Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama was so enthusiastic that he described the game as "extremely strategic" and "highly prospective."

Shibu Inu was attempting to test the game's global performance. Earlier, the game was launched in Vietnam, where it received a warm welcome. The game's massive downloads demonstrated the significance of expanding the game's server capacity.

Shiba Inu's tweet was well greeted by its followers. Many traders expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm for the game's global availability, while others expressed their desire for the game to be released sooner on the Google Play Store.

The initiative anticipates greater acceptance and more downloads. As a result, the team implemented additional steps to boost game adoption. To accommodate more players, the team eventually raised the game's server capacity by 50x.

Last month, Shiba Eternity Consultant William Volk exhibited the game at the world's largest video game event.

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