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Snoop Dogg Drops 10,000 Playable Sandbox Avatar NFTs – Mint a Unique Doggie and Explore the Metaverse in Style

Snoop Dogg Drops 10,

With thememory of The Sandbox Alpha release still fresh and the funky music from theSnoop Dogg concert still lingering in their minds, fans must be thrilled toknow that Season II is already on the way! Prior to the new season, The Sandboxis going to launch a grand collection of unique Snoop Dogg NFT avatars that arefully playable in the game!

The Sandbox, one of the most popularblockchain-based metaverse game experiences, is about to launch 10,000 SnoopDogg avatar NFTs on February 22, 2022, prior to the opening of the Alpha SeasonII. It’s a great news for both Snoop Dogg fans and The Sandbox lovers.

The 10,000 Snoop Dogg avatars are programmaticallygenerated, voxelated NFTs which contains over 150 traits. Each uniquely coolDoggie avatar can be playable in the second season of the game to attend eventsand concerts, complete quests, hang out with friends and explore the metaverselike a celebrity. Imagine going to a Snoop Dogg concert in a funky Doggieavatar or appearing in a music video filmed entirely inside The Sandbox.

The Snoop Dogg avatar NFTs are divided into seven raritytiers – Human, Blue, Alien, Zombie, Dogg, Robot and Golden. While two-thirds ofthe Doggies will be common, there will be three types of uniquely designedDoggies with special traits and features to make them stand out of the Doggiecrowd.

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