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Solana Reveals Chapter 2 Phone Following Airdrop Surge

Key Takeaways
  • Solana Labs introduces a budget-friendly sequel with core features. Pre-orders at $450, time-limited offer, non-refundable deposit.
  • Solana Labs warns of potential project cancellation if the pre-order target isn't met, with refunds.
  • Initial Saga success driven by rising BONK token value, exclusive perks creating a dedicated user community. High demand led to secondary market prices in thousands.
19-Jan-2024 By: Sudeep Saxena
Solana Reveals Chapt

Solana Labs Announces Saga Chapter 2 with Undisclosed Details

One month after the successful sellout of the initial Solana Saga smartphone, driven by the increased value of complimentary tokens for owners, Solana Labs revealed the Saga "Chapter 2" smartphone on Tuesday.

This new iteration maintains core features while offering a more budget-friendly option within the Solana crypto ecosystem. Scheduled for a 2025 launch, the Solana Saga "Chapter 2" is available for pre-order at a discounted price of $450, presenting a more economical alternative compared to the original premium device launched in April 2023.

Solana Labs emphasizes that pre-order pricing is time-limited, and individuals placing preorders will contribute to a non-refundable deposit for early adopters committed to securing the phone well in advance of its release.

However, the company cautions that if the pre-order target is not met due to moderate demand, there is a possibility of project cancellation, with refunds issued: "If our pre-order target is not met, we may decide not to proceed. In that event, we will refund your deposit," as stated on the official website.

Solana Chapter 2 Comes With Lower Price Point

Solana Labs, following the success of its initial Saga smartphone, has announced the upcoming release of Saga "Chapter 2." While the hardware details and physical appearance remain undisclosed, the more affordable price suggests a potential adjustment in specifications compared to its predecessor.

Similar to the original Saga, the Chapter 2 phone is tailored to be a crypto-native device, intricately integrated into the Solana ecosystem. It boasts a native wallet solution equipped with security features, providing users seamless access to decentralized apps built on the blockchain.

The initial Solana Saga, hitting the market at $999 in April, faced challenges in gaining traction among consumers. In response, Solana Labs reduced the price to $599 in August, yet this adjustment did not yield a substantial increase in consumer interest. The upcoming Saga "Chapter 2" addresses this by launching with a more accessible pre-order price of $450, aiming to attract a broader audience within the crypto community.

What makes users buy a Solana Saga 1 phone

The primary catalyst for heightened interest emerged from the escalating value of BONK, Solana's prominent meme coin. Saga owners became eligible for an airdrop of 30 million tokens, and at the peak of its value in December, this BONK sum reached approximately $1,025—surpassing the phone's original cost. As per Coin Gabbar, the surging value of BONK significantly fueled enthusiasm for the phones, resulting in the rapid sellout of the initial production run.

As an added incentive, Saga owners have been privileged with exclusive airdrops, encompassing various tokens and NFTs. This dynamic has transformed the Saga user base into an exclusive community of dedicated Solana enthusiasts. On secondary markets like eBay, phones have been commanding prices in the thousands of dollars as individuals seek entry into this select group, anticipating potential benefits from future airdrops and exclusive perks.

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