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Bitcoin Scaling Heights Mirroring Virat Kohli's Career Peaks

Key Takeaways
  • Cricket king Virat Kohli currently stands as the world's best cricketer in the One Day International format, while Bitcoin also reigns as the top currency in the crypto market.
  • Recently, King Kohli completed his 50th century in ODI cricket, mirroring Bitcoin's current surge at its 1.5-year high.
  • These parallels between Virat Kohli and Bitcoin signify an alignment between Bitcoin's dominance and Kohli's cricketing prowess.
18-Nov-2023 By: Sudeep Saxena
Bitcoin Scaling Heig

Virat Kohli & Bitcoin: Dominance in Cricket & Crypto

The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has recently surged in value, surpassing its 1.5-year high of $35,700, with current trades maintaining above $35,000. 

Similarly, cricket sensation Virat Kohli achieved a milestone in his one-day career by scoring 50 centuries, overtaking the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, who has 49 centuries in ODI cricket. 

This draws parallels between cricket's king, Virat Kohli, and the cryptocurrency king, Bitcoin, suggesting that Bitcoin aligns perfectly with Virat Kohli's personality.

Understand the similarities between Virat Kohli and Bitcoin

Both Virat Kohli and Bitcoin reign supreme in their respective fields. While Virat Kohli tops the list of cricket's greatest players, Bitcoin holds the pinnacle in the cryptocurrency market as the most outstanding and profitable cryptocurrency.

Virat Kohli stands as the first player to score 50 centuries in One Day International cricket, while Bitcoin is recognized as the world's first cryptocurrency. Another interesting similarity between the two is their inception in the same year. The crypto industry is revolutionizing, as many people have started taking cryptocurrencies as payment option

Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, released the Bitcoin white paper in 2008, coinciding with Virat Kohli's inclusion in the cricket team during India's tour of Sri Lanka. 

Interestingly, just as Bitcoin was introduced as an alternative currency, Virat Kohli was chosen as an alternative to the injured Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag. Both Bitcoin and Virat have tasted success in their own realms.

Virat Kohli's Cricketing Milestones and Bitcoin's Price Surges

In 2010, Virat Kohli became the fastest Indian to score 1,000 runs in a calendar year, while in the same year, Bitcoin reached its career-high of $0.50. 

In 2011, when Virat scored a century in his debut World Cup match, becoming the first Indian to do so, Bitcoin also surged to its then peak of $31.90, attracting investors. 

Both share similarities in popularity, with Virat Kohli being the most popular cricketer globally and Bitcoin being the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

In the present, Virat Kohli continues to deliver consistent performances, becoming the leading run-scorer in the 2023 World Cup, accumulating 711 runs across 10 matches with 3 centuries and 5 half-centuries. Similarly, Bitcoin has surpassed its 1.5-year high, crossing $35,700.

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