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South Korea Working Towards Regulating Security Tokens in the Country

  • South Korea has issued guidelines that clearly define which digital assets will be classified and regulated as securities within the nation's borders.

  • This groundbreaking move is set to revolutionize the way digital assets are viewed and managed in the country.

  • The country is preparing for the manufacture and distribution of security tokens by implementing new regulations.

  • The city of Busan disclosed plans to create a decentralized digital commodities exchange on January 19.

06-Feb-2023 By: Sudeep Saxena
South Korea Working

Security token-like digital assets will be governed 

By the country's Capital Markets Act.

South Korea published guidelines that outline which categories of digital assets will be treated and governed as securities in the nation.

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) stated in a news release that digital assets that meet the requirements of the nation's Capital Markets Act will be considered securities.

Securities are regarded by this law as financial investments where investors are not compelled to make further payments after their original deposits. The FSC also provided examples of the kind of digital assets that will probably be categorized as securities. The FSC states that this may include tokens that provide holders a stake in company operations, rights to dividends or residuary assets, or the ability to share in company profits with investors.

Cryptocurrencies that meet the criteria for security tokens will be governed by the nation's capital markets law. In the meanwhile, other planned restrictions will apply to digital assets that do not satisfy the definition of securities.

The FSC states that it will be up to token issuers, brokers, and exchanges to determine which cryptocurrencies should be classed as securities in accordance with the rules. The agency added that each situation will be evaluated separately.

The financial authority also stated that the new guidelines are a part of the country's preparations for the legalization of the creation and distribution of security tokens.

Various industries in South Korea are constantly evolving, and the country has been actively engaged in the crypto ecosystem. A decentralized digital commodities exchange will be launched, the city of Busan said on January 19. Government representatives stated that the platform is scheduled to launch this year.

In addition, the nation's Ministry of Justice intends to set up a tracking system for cryptocurrency. On January 29, the South Korean government announced that it would implement a tracking system with the goal of preventing money-laundering attempts and recovering funds associated with illegal activity.

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