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The price of Bitcoin has ended its longest losing streak in history.

07-Jun-2022 By: Rohit Tripathi
The price of Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin has ended its longest losing streak in history.

The biggest weekly losing streak in Bitcoin history has been broken, but analysts are far from uniform in their optimism.

After halting the longest weekly downturn in its history, Bitcoin (BTC) begins the new week with new hope for hodlers.

BTC/USDT eventually found its footing after battling for support all weekend, closing the week at $29,900, up $450 from last Sunday.

The bullish trend continued into the night of June 6, with the pair soaring to new multi-day highs.

The finale will most likely be US inflation statistics, which serves as a barometer for global macroeconomic dynamics. The impact of anti-COVID regulations, geopolitical tensions, and supply constraints is becoming more obvious as time passes.

For many, risk assets remain an implausible choice, since central bank monetary tightening is expected to put downward pressure on stocks and cryptocurrency in the future. In the meantime, Bitcoin's network principles are adapting to the surrounding environment and its impact on network participants.

On the weekly chart, Bitcoin has finally closed out a "green" week after a long wait. BTC/USDT had been posting progressively lower weekly closures for a record nine weeks, a pattern that began in late March and ended up being the longest in the currency's history.

The friction bulls are likely to confront in the case of a further breakout is reinforced by order book data. At the time of writing, Binance has more than $50 million in sell-side liquidity lined up in the $32,000 range.

U.S. CPI reado

The market will find out this week when the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for May is released on June 10. CPI prints have always been followed by market volatility, both within crypto and beyond, as one of the benchmarks for judging how inflation is moving.

The Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes in the United States are also being scrutinised as a result of rising costs.

Miner capitulation "very close"

Despite weeks of decreasing prices putting their cost basis in jeopardy, Bitcoin miners have so far refrained from distributing large amounts of coins. Hash ribbons are a metric of miner profitability that has typically been accurate in predicting price stages. According to him, the "capitulation" period, which is comparable to March 2020, is currently underway, although hodlers should avoid selling as a result. The Hash Ribbon miner is on the verge of surrendering. Profit margins in bitcoin mining are shrinking.

The hash rate and network difficulty of Bitcoin will be affected by fluctuations in miner activity.

According to calculations, the hash rate has stayed consistent over 200 exahashes per second (EH/s), showing that miners are still active and have not reduced activity due to cost concerns.

Megawhales "promising sign", Bitcoin's biggest investors may be leading the way this month in terms of putting their money where their mouth is. According to Sentiment, entities possessing 1,000 BTC or more now own more of the BTC supply than at any time in the previous year.

Bitcoin's mega whale addresses, which include certain exchange accounts, have the biggest quantity of $BTC in a year, according to Sentiment.

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