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"TruthGPT" Aims to Seek Truth and Understand the Universe

Key Takeaways
  • Elon Musk is developing a large language model (LLM) called "TruthGPT" as a maximum truth-seeking AI to understand the mysteries of the universe
  • Musk expressed concerns about left-wing bias in the AI industry and believes that TruthGPT will be less likely to pose risks to humanity compared to other AI models
  • ChatGPT-4, another LLM, has been making token trade recommendations in blockchain applications, citing Bitcoin's trend as a safe haven during financial instability, according to analysts
18-Apr-2023 By: Simran Mishra
"TruthGPT" Aims to S

Elon Musk developing "TruthGPT": A maximum truth-seeking AI for understanding the universe

Tech billionaire Elon Musk revealed during an interview with Fox anchor Tucker Carlson on April 17 that he is developing a large language model (LLM) called "TruthGPT" which he claims will be a maximum truth-seeking AI aimed at understanding the mysteries of the universe. 

Musk expressed concerns about what he perceives as left-wing bias in the AI industry, stating that ChatGPT, another LLM, is "programmed by left-wing experts" and trained to lie. He believes that TruthGPT, with its focus on seeking truth and understanding the universe, will be less likely to pose risks to humanity compared to other AI models.

Musk's announcement comes just weeks after he signed a petition calling for a pause on AI research to evaluate safety concerns, and amid his recent purchase of 10,000 GPUs, indicating his entry into the competitive LLM market. He acknowledged concerns about safety but suggested that an AI focused on understanding the universe would be less inclined to harm humans as they are an interesting part of the universe.

ChatGPT-4's token trade recommendations highlight AI's potential in blockchain applications

The potential of AI in blockchain applications was also highlighted, with reports of ChatGPT-4 making token trade recommendations since March 17. ChatGPT-4 gave the following recommendations when asked how to divide $100 among other coins or tokens: $50 for Bitcoin, $25 for Ether, $15 for Cosmos' ATOM, and $10 for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other Web3 projects. 

The chatbot cited Bitcoin's trend as a safe haven during financial instability, such as recent bank failures, and predicted a move towards $100k with Bitcoin's dominance nearing 50%, according to analysts.

Musk's announcement of TruthGPT and his concerns about bias in AI reflects the ongoing debates and discussions around the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. While Musk's intentions to develop a truth-seeking AI may be seen as a positive step towards addressing bias, safety concerns and potential risks associated with AI development and deployment need to be carefully evaluated. 

The potential of AI in blockchain applications, as demonstrated by ChatGPT-4's token trade recommendations, further highlights the growing intersection of AI and other technologies. 

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