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WazirX and MoEngage have teamed up to promote Web3.0 and cryptocurrency adoption in India.

WazirX and MoEngage

WazirX and MoEngage have teamed up to promote Web3.0 and cryptocurrency adoption in India.

WazirX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a partnership with MoEngage, a customer interaction platform, with the goal of increasing Web3.0 and cryptocurrency adoption in India. WazirX wants to improve their user onboarding and app advertising in the Indian cryptocurrency business by using MoEngage's campaign optimization.

WazirX's vice president of marketing, Rajagopal Menon, says the exchange plans to use MoEngage's services to accelerate its growth and acceptance. We plan to grow as a brand as a result of our cooperation with MoEngage by leveraging their segmentation capabilities and expanding up our marketing operations, he said.

Customers can buy, sell, and exchange digital assets on WazirX's platform. According to the company, the exchange seeks to boost cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption in India, in addition to enabling the transition from a centralised to a decentralised world for Indians to have a new investment and earning platform.

MoEngage claims to offer AI-powered journey orchestration, personalization capabilities, and in-built analytics, as well as claiming to enable hyper-personalization at scale across mobile, email, online, SMS, and messaging channels. Fortune 500 companies and organisations from over 35 countries, including Deutsche Telekom, Samsung, Ally Financial, Vodafone, and McAfee, as well as internet-first companies like Sharechat, Roposo, Gaana, Ola, OYO, and Bigbasket, use MoEngage to engage their customers, according to MoEngage.

The goal of MoEngage is to help businesses achieve their customer engagement goals by assisting them in transitioning from a campaign-centric to a customer-centric approach, according to Yash Reddy, MoEngage's chief business officer (APAC and EMEA). "We're excited to work with WazirX and help them develop journeys for their customers by leveraging our segmentation capabilities and scalability." "We're excited to see where this collaboration takes us," he continued.

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