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Whales Transfer 533 Million XRP As Exchange Announces Listing

  • Cryptocurrency whales traded 533 million XRP tokens for $198 million the day before.

  • The latest XRP listing announcement preceded these enormous whale movements. Fuel Hash, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, has added XRP.

15-Feb-2023 By: Shikha Jha
Whales Transfer 533

Cryptocurrency whales traded more than 533 million XRP tokens, or around $198 million in value, during the course of the previous day.

The native cryptocurrency of Ripple, XRP, has been trading at a low price over the past week as a result of heightened market volatility. However, cryptocurrency whales are continuously moving XRP across exchanges in light of the upcoming summary judgement in the U.S. SEC vs. Ripple issue.

The XRP Whales Are Where?

Whales in the cryptocurrency market traded more than 533 million XRP tokens, or over $198 million, in the previous day, according to statistics from WhaleAlert. The transfer of 150 million XRP, or around $55 million, was the tracker's single greatest transaction. It's important to keep in mind that this significant transaction came from the wallet known as Ripple.

However, the tracker also recorded two significant transactions, each moving 149 million XRP for nearly $31 million.

The most recent XRP listing announcement happened before these massive whale movements. Fuel Hash, a cryptocurrency exchange with its main office in Japan, has reportedly added XRP as a trading pair. Additionally, as part of its earn lending programme, it will list XRP. The native cryptocurrency of Ripple will be listed among other digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB.

By using the Uphold card, UK consumers can earn up to £50 each month—and that, too, in XRP. This information was made public by cryptocurrency exchange Uphold. This is an important development for XRP.

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