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What Drives MicroStrategy To Increase Bitcoin Holdings

Key Takeaways
  • MicroStrategy continues buying Bitcoin for the long haul, considering it a hedge against inflation and a strategic move beyond traditional currency.
  • Michael Saylor and the company firmly believe in Bitcoin's lasting value, driving their consistent accumulation strategy.
  • Their strategy isn't tied to short-term market trends or specific events like ETF approvals; it's about securing a substantial Bitcoin reserve for its enduring potential.
28-Dec-2023 By: Sudeep Saxena
What Drives MicroStr

MicroStrategy Converts Share Sales to Addition of 14,620 Bitcoins

MicroStrategy, renowned for holding significant Bitcoin (BTC) reserves, expanded its holdings on Wednesday by purchasing 14,620 BTC for approximately $615.7 million.

The company’s executive chairman, Michael Saylor, tweeted:

“MicroStrategy has acquired an additional 14,620 BTC for ~$615.7 million at an average price of $42,110 per #bitcoin. As of 12/26/23, @MicroStrategy now holds 189,150 $BTC acquired for ~$5.9 billion at an average price of $31,168 per bitcoin.”

Starting in August 2020, MicroStrategy commenced its Bitcoin acquisitions. Before Wednesday's purchase, the company's latest acquisition occurred last month, acquiring 16,130 BTC valued at approximately $608 million during that period.

Simultaneously, the company disclosed a separate filing, revealing that it had garnered $610.1 million from its previously announced $750 million at-the-market (ATM) share offering.

As of early December, the company had amassed approximately $2 billion in profit from its Bitcoin holdings.

Saylor and MicroStrategy are staunch believers in Bitcoin as a long-term store of value. They view it as a hedge against inflation and a way to preserve capital over time. Recently, Michael Saylor also said that Bitcoin will be the standout asset of 2024.

What’s Fueling MicroStrategy to Continue BTC Accumulation?

Saylor sees Bitcoin as a more effective store of value than traditional fiat currencies. By converting a portion of the company's cash reserves into Bitcoin, he aims to protect against currency devaluation and potentially generate higher returns compared to holding cash.

MicroStrategy often strategically purchases Bitcoin during market downturns or when it perceives the price to be favorable. Saylor might see opportunities in market fluctuations to accumulate more Bitcoin at what he considers to be relatively lower prices.

However, this time they took such action when the market was following an uptrend. The constant rise of Bitcoin's value can also be the reason why Michael Saylor is focusing on increasing his Bitcoin holdings.

MicroStrategy has experienced significant gains from its earlier Bitcoin purchases. Saylor might be continuing to increase holdings to benefit from potential future price increases, aiming to generate substantial returns for the company.

Does MicroStrategy Increase BTC Holdings in Anticipation of Bitcoin ETF Approval?

MicroStrategy's ongoing accumulation of Bitcoin isn't explicitly tied to the anticipation of Bitcoin ETF approval.

While the approval of a Bitcoin ETF in the future could potentially impact the market and institutional investment strategies, MicroStrategy's continuous BTC accumulation seems more aligned with its long-term investment strategy and belief in Bitcoin's potential.

MicroStrategy's approach to accumulating Bitcoin appears to be driven by its view of Bitcoin as a store of value and a hedge against inflation, rather than solely hinging on regulatory developments like the approval of a Bitcoin ETF.

Their consistent Bitcoin acquisitions, even during market uptrends, suggest a commitment to building a significant reserve of this digital asset regardless of short-term market movements.

MicroStrategy seems focused on capitalizing on what it perceives as Bitcoin's long-term value and potential for substantial returns rather than solely reacting to regulatory developments such as ETF approvals.

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