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What if Floki Actually Becomes the CEO of Twitter?

Recently, Elon Musk shared a series of Tweets in which he declared his pet dog to be the CEO of his newly owned Twitter. But what if it actually becomes a reality?

17 Feb 2023 By: Sudeep Saxena
What if Floki Actual

Well, if you ever thought that it would not be possible for a dog

 to rule the world of social media, the last few tweets of Elon Musk could change your mind. 

Elon loves two things the most, first making a hell lot of money and second entertaining his Twitter followers with random unforeseen tweets. Even though Elon is more popular for the first reason, he is equally good for the second. Recently he shared a series of tweets in which his dog, Floki was sitting on the chair of the Twitter CEO. 

Twitter CEO

After this tweet, almost all the dog-based cryptocurrencies witnessed a spike in their prices. But most of us (even after being aggressively egalitarian) completely undermined the possibility of a dog running a multi-billion dollar social media company. Well, not all, because today we are taking the rights of dogs as seriously as they should be taken (extra points from PETA) and exploring the possibilities of changes if Mr. Floki actually becomes the CEO of Twitter. 

Introduction of Human-Based Crypto Token

We as humans love dog-based NFTs and tokens but we never thought that vice versa could also be the same. We are sure that if Floki ever becomes the CEO of Twitter, it would run wild in supporting a human-based crypto token to repay of the favor that we humans have done its kin, Dogecoin. 

More Devotion, Less Deviation

Mr. Floki could be the CEO of the world’s biggest microblogging website but it cannot change its basic traits for good. Elon is well known for making a business and as soon as it works out – he moves to something else. Mr. Floki, if he becomes a CEO, would dedicate his life to the organization with sheer loyalty (or at least do better than the current guy).

More Nap Breaks in Twitter Headquarters

We do not know much about what is going on in the Twitter headquarters but one thing is for sure the team is overworking to meet the objectives of their over-aspirational CEO. What they need the most is a leader who understands the true value of random naps and Mr. Floki is more than eligible for this role. 

Dogs especially Shiba Inus spend 75% of their time chilling around and taking relaxing naps. If Floki becomes the CEO, it would ensure that all employees would get adequate sleep. 

New Epitome of Success for an Entire Species

Becoming the CEO of Twitter is not easy, even the finest brains of Silicon Valley (mostly Indians) had a hard time maintaining the position (No grudges Parag). However, if Floki becomes the boss, the entire dog community of earth would look up to the best among them and aspire to reach new heights (motivational music in the background). 

That would be the time when nobody is surprised by seeing their Dogs installing VSCode on their personal computers. 

The world of Twitter went crazy with memes of Floki floating around the internet but nobody thought about the poor soul who was sacked from his office in only a few hours. We really hope that his article reaches Elon Musk who would look into the matter personally.

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