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Will Mukesh Ambani Provide AI Service in India like Jio

Key Takeaways
  • Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, has announced the introduction of an AI system like ChatGPT of OpenAI in India.
  • Sam Allman, CEO of OpenAI, came on India tour two months ago, when he said that it is very difficult to make an AI tool like ChatGPT in India.
  • Mukesh Ambani says that India has the full power and technological knowledge to create AI tools like ChatGPT.
31-Aug-2023 By: Deeksha
Will Mukesh Ambani P

Mukesh Ambani announces introduction of AI system in India

AI is making a significant impact worldwide. Developed language tools like ChatGPT and GoogleBard are finding applications in various sectors globally. Different countries are vigorously developing various types of AI tools. Recently, Meta announced its plan to introduce an AI coding tool following its AI language tool. Germany is also competing with AI leaders like China and the US to revitalize its economy. Similarly, the UK recently revealed plans to purchase thousands of computer chips to establish itself as an AI hub. In this competitive landscape, as all nations are showing seriousness towards AI, it raises the question of how India can keep up.

Notably, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, has announced that RIL's Jio will introduce an AI system similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT for India. Ambani's commitment aims to provide every Indian access to AI and transform India into an AI hub. He claims that AI will be accessible to all, reflecting his vision of democratizing AI access, similar to how Jio SIM cards reached everyone. This announcement suggests that just as Ambani brought Jio's availability to all, AI will also be accessible to everyone, mirroring the Jio model.

Mukesh Ambani accepted the challenge of Sam Altman

Mukesh Ambani has accepted the challenge posed by Sam Altman. The announcement of bringing AI systems to India by Mukesh Ambani has a specific motive. Two months ago, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, visited India and remarked that creating an AI tool like ChatGPT for India is extremely challenging. His statements carried a sense of arrogance and belittlement towards Indians. Mukesh Ambani took up this challenge to break through this arrogance. It's believed that Ambani demonstrates his determination to accomplish what he undertakes. A prime example of this is evident in the telecom sector. Previously, mobile recharges and data plans in India were expensive. However, Mukesh Ambani's entry into the telecom industry revolutionized it. Launching Jio in India, Ambani initially provided free data plans and mobile recharges to the people, later offering affordable options. Presently, Jio dominates the telecom industry, present in most Indian households and offices.This history suggests that just as Ambani disrupted the Indian telecom industry with Jio, he might achieve the same for AI accessibility in India.

India does not lack power and technology - Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani stated that India possesses the power and technological knowledge to develop tools like ChatGPT for AI. He emphasized that India isn't lagging behind in any aspect. Ambani mentioned that through the Jio platform, India is working towards AI-based solutions, which can greatly benefit both people and businesses. He further asserted that India lacks no power, data, or talent. He pointed out that nearly 7 years ago, India connected its people to the internet through Jio. Following this trajectory, Mukesh Ambani is now promising to integrate India with AI, demonstrating his commitment to fostering AI advancements in the country.

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