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AstroX (ATX) AstroX (ATX)
Circulating 0.00
Total Supply 4,000,000,000.00
Max Supply 4,000,000,000.00
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AstroX is dedicated to becoming the next innovative Trading Card Game, a community-first and developer-friendly Game-Fi platform. The project was founded by a team of blockchain inventors and marketers that share a similar vision within the P2E sphere. AstroX's entire utility will be based on the Binance Smart Chain. Each card in AstroX may be produced as an NFT using web 3.0 technology, which implies that all AstroX players can have complete digital ownership of their cards. This includes competing for prizes, collecting them as collectibles, exchanging them on their peer-to-peer market, upgrading them - and even burning them to build a higher tier card. The AstroX Ecosystem: ATX is intended to be the primary currency of AstroX across the game ecosystem. Unlike other well-known Crypto sphere games, AstroX provides full and total control of your assets within the game. AstroX is a Community Driven GameFi Platform that empowers users by paying them for their engagement and participation through revolutionary tokenomics (NFT allocations and more), integrating a strategic finance system within the game.
Frequently Asked Questions (Crypto FAQs)
The current price of AstroX (ATX) is USD 3.052E-5
24 Hours, High Price of AstroX (ATX) is USD 0 and Low price of AstroX (ATX) is USD 0
The total supply of AstroX (ATX) is 4000000000 and Circulating supply of AstroX (ATX) is 0.00
The trading volume of AstroX (ATX) is In the last 24 hours