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Atocha Protocol (ATO) Atocha Protocol (ATO)
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What is Atocha Protocol Atocha Protocol is a specific usage blockchain that is built on Substrate and hosted on Octopus Network (a sidechain on Near Protocol). In short, Atocha is a puzzle game blockchain that is built for creating, solving, and sponsoring puzzle games. The protocol is aiming to become a global puzzle game hub that can host multiple great puzzle game Dapps that we are familiar with like Word Puzzles, Number Games, Treasure Hunting, and Social Deduction Game. Started by a team of puzzle game enthusiasts, the project has gained recognition by winning the Octopus Star Prize with $50,000 grant and is also a proud recipient of Near Foundation grant worth $50,000. Why Puzzle Game? A puzzle game is a versatile game module where it is not only a game that challenges the players’ intellect but also can ride along with the current trend. Statistically, the puzzle game segment has a whopping $24 billion USD market revenue projected for 2022 and by 2026, the market is expected to grow to a $36 billion USD revenue. The expected CAGR annual growth rate for the puzzle game segment is expected to be 9.21% from 2022 to 2026. This segment takes around 7–8% of the market share for the whole gaming industry which can be expanded further with the metaverse development coming in the near future. Utility & Function In Short - decentralized and full ownership of puzzle game creation for Creators - reward and point system to incentivize good behaviour like content creation and puzzle-solving - challenge system that enforces the fairness of the puzzle game by the community - sponsor system to enable advertisement and marketing revenue-making model for Creators - a semi-decentralized marketing platform to provide customization puzzle game and game moderation service for businesses
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