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Bigbom (BBO) Bigbom (BBO)
Circulating 364,751,794.00
Total Supply 1,999,751,794.00
Max Supply 0.00
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  • Ethereum ethereum-0x84f7c44b6fed1080f647e354d552595be2cc602f

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Bigbom Eco serves as a decentralized advertising ecosystem for all parties involved in online advertising, inclusive of advertisers, service providers, content publishers, advertising channels, platforms and more. Bigbom Eco is developed with DApps technology in mind, using the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum platform. We are proud to say that all data linked through Bigbom Eco is transparent, accurate, automated and immutable. Bigbom is part of the Bigbom Eco ecosystem. Traditional advertising methods have several disadvantages. One of those is the lack of trust between partners. Advertisers are afraid their requirements won't be met after they pay, while service providers are afraid advertisers won't pay for completed services. Bigbom Eco provides a smart contract solution that lets both parties easily trust each other. Additionally, BigBom's transactions are quick, cost-effective and transparent.
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The current price of Bigbom (BBO) is USD 0.00030646
24 Hours, High Price of Bigbom (BBO) is USD 0 and Low price of Bigbom (BBO) is USD 0
The total supply of Bigbom (BBO) is 1999751794 and Circulating supply of Bigbom (BBO) is 364,751,794.00
The trading volume of Bigbom (BBO) is 56761 In the last 24 hours