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Cake Bank (CAKEBANK) Cake Bank (CAKEBANK)
Circulating 47,683,393,404.00
Total Supply 100,000,000,000.00
Max Supply 100,000,000,000.00
This is an untracked
  • Ethereum binance-smart-chain-0x5f1b95784a033cd6842cf26eb9a9687f91ad9e78

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The CAKEBANK protocol is a community inspired DeFi experiment built on Binance.  So many projects enters the markets as community-driven and yet there's always some owner that sets the rule for marketing and guidelines of branding. We want to encourage each individual investor to participate as owners and not just holder. The Binance network already facilitates countless projects with real world applications, further fostering innovation and adoption. CAKEBANK holders are rewarded with CAKE reflections.
Frequently Asked Questions (Crypto FAQs)
The current price of Cake Bank (CAKEBANK) is USD 4.68414E-7
24 Hours, High Price of Cake Bank (CAKEBANK) is USD 0 and Low price of Cake Bank (CAKEBANK) is USD 0
The total supply of Cake Bank (CAKEBANK) is 100000000000 and Circulating supply of Cake Bank (CAKEBANK) is 47,683,393,404.00
The trading volume of Cake Bank (CAKEBANK) is 2 In the last 24 hours