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Cydotori (DOTR)
Cydotori (DOTR)
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The DOTR Foundation plays an important role in developing the mainnet, issuing Cydotori Tokens and building a virtual ecosystem in the metaverse world through the vast user database pursued by Cyworld. Th e new Cyworld will be based on a more advanced lifestyle metaverse platform and move away from the ordi nary structures of other social networking services. The new Cyworld will develop into a new space made by and operated by users while linking together with other services. CyDotori Tokens will initially be minted as E RC-20 tokens for quick roll-out and expansion and will be converted into the mainnet later on for DApp partners and additional service expansions.
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The current price of Cydotori (DOTR) is USD 0.000183
24 Hours, High Price of Cydotori (DOTR) is USD 0 and Low price of Cydotori (DOTR) is USD 0
The total supply of Cydotori (DOTR) is 10000000000 and Circulating supply of Cydotori (DOTR) is 0.00
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