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FrontFanz is a censorless (age of 18+ only) subscription content platform built by creators for creators. It’s a place where creators can come together and express themselves freely without unruly censorship and scrutiny, with no chargebacks, which results in greater earnings and fan satisfaction. Its’ founders, Rosey Sin and Stacey Carlaa, both of whom have over two decades of industry knowledge and experience, aim for FrontFanz to benefit and protect both its users and creators and use Web3 to eliminate the current issues faced by all Web2 platforms. Built on Polygon (MATIC), a blockchain-focused on low transaction fees and scalability, FrontFanz is set firmly to reach its goal of becoming a platform that’s home for content creators globally. The platform works without banks and payment processors and boasts key advantages like zero censorship, zero chargebacks, and increased privacy. By owning FANZ, FrontFanz’s native token, users will be able to access all kinds of content, be eligible for discounts and have the opportunity to earn passive income by staking. The core idea of FrontFanz is to be a platform that truly addresses the needs and concerns that today’s creators face with Web2 platforms, including subjective censorship, delayed or denied payments, third-party interferences, and chargebacks. These problems will not exist with FrontFanz. The key driver for FrontFanz’s growth is the platform itself. After laying out all of its goals and ambitions in its roadmap.
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