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linSpirit (LINSPIRIT)
linSpirit (LINSPIRIT)
Circulating 0.00
Total Supply 39,256,961.00
Max Supply 39,256,961.00

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  • Ethereum fantom-0xc5713b6a0f26bf0fdc1c52b90cd184d950be515c

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LiquidSpirit is a wrapped version of inSPIRIT. It is designed to unlock holder’s position by opening up a whole new market for linSPIRIT, while still being able to enjoy weekly volume based fees from inSPIRIT. Users can then swap their SPIRIT for linSPIRIT at a 1:1 ratio using our LiquidSwapper. In order to trade their linSPIRIT back to SPIRIT, users will need to use a DEX, such as SpiritSwap. When users swap SPIRIT for linSPIRIT, we lock the SPIRIT forever on a weekly basis. We then use the inSPIRIT received to boost yields for the SPIRIT-FTM, wETH-FTM and wBTC-FTM pairs, increasing yields for xLQDR holders. Previous experiments have shown that this strategy can be a massive success. Convex’s cvxCRV alone has attracted a market cap of over 300 million USD. Although users seem to accept the peg for products like these, it is ultimately market forces that control the price.
Frequently Asked Questions (Crypto FAQs)
The current price of linSpirit (LINSPIRIT) is USD 0.0006958
24 Hours, High Price of linSpirit (LINSPIRIT) is USD 0 and Low price of linSpirit (LINSPIRIT) is USD 0
The total supply of linSpirit (LINSPIRIT) is 39256961 and Circulating supply of linSpirit (LINSPIRIT) is 0.00
The trading volume of linSpirit (LINSPIRIT) is 79810 In the last 24 hours