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Lith [OLD] (LITH) Lith [OLD] (LITH)
Circulating 5,417,770,823.00
Total Supply 10,000,000,000.00
Max Supply 0.00
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Lith Token (LITH) is a “green-oriented” decentralized community. LITH is focused on improving the environment by allowing token holders the opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly products at a discount. From electric scooters and bikes to electric vehicles and self-sufficient homes, we aim to be a leader in the renewable product space allowing us to grow into a sustainable ecosystem while building an environmentally conscious community.
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The current price of Lith [OLD] (LITH) is USD 0.00011435
24 Hours, High Price of Lith [OLD] (LITH) is USD 0 and Low price of Lith [OLD] (LITH) is USD 0
The total supply of Lith [OLD] (LITH) is 10000000000 and Circulating supply of Lith [OLD] (LITH) is 5,417,770,823.00
The trading volume of Lith [OLD] (LITH) is 341 In the last 24 hours