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MaidCoin is an upcoming DeFi project with elements of NFT collecting and gamification. Above all it taps into gaming culture as the entire ecosystem uses anime, NFT collecting and gamified DeFi. MaidCoin allows NFT holders to earn passive income simply from holding these assets in their wallet. Similar to what we see with plenty of digital collectibles on for example Wax, the gaming element is hidden in collecting. MaidCoin doesn’t offer gameplay in the traditional sense. However, users can use their MAID tokens to acquire NurseParts. Finding the right NursePart NFTs will allow them to create a nurse, which they can then use to earn passive income. They can then either sell those nurses for profit, or grew their army of nurses for more passive income.
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The current price of MaidCoin ($MAID) is USD 0.886539
24 Hours, High Price of MaidCoin ($MAID) is USD 0 and Low price of MaidCoin ($MAID) is USD 0
The total supply of MaidCoin ($MAID) is 216646.71852154 and Circulating supply of MaidCoin ($MAID) is 0.00
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