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Metahero is a deflationary real utility token that uses an ultra-realistic 3D technology to make 3D avatars and virtual objects that can be used in social media, games, fashion, art, and medicine. With an initial seed fund of $10 million and a launch date of June 2021, Metahero hopes to take the use of cryptocurrencies to the next level by helping us evolve into a parallel digital universe. Metahero promotes the idea of metscanning, which is the realistic scanning and turning of real-world objects into useful avatars in the metaverse. The groundbreaking idea will make Metahero a link between the real world and the digital world. With Metahero's technology, artists, business owners, and gamers can connect in unique ways. One way is through its own token, HERO, which has real business use cases in social media, art, and other fields. Metahero also leads a new technology called "metascanning" that has some of the best graphic rendering capabilities ever seen.

Metahero wants to put up 12 3D scanning rooms around the world. This will give more than 100,000 people a chance to scan themselves or other things each year. The first way that Metahero can be used is to make 3D avatars that look like real people. A number of artists, celebrities, and people with a lot of influence will be asked to promote this project by getting people to use Metahero's metascanner. Also, gaming companies can use the technology of metascanning to make the best games for the metaverse.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The current price of Metahero (HERO) is USD 0.00330037

24 Hours, High Price of Metahero (HERO) is USD 0.00336978 and Low price of Metahero (HERO) is USD 0.00328242

The total supply of Metahero (HERO) is 9766213274.1959 and Circulating supply of Metahero (HERO) is 7,866,213,223.00

The trading volume of Metahero (HERO) is 6068022 In the last 24 hours