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MOVN is the Superapp of Sports, a move-to-earn web3 platform where players can make awesome earnings for being physically active. The Currency of Sports (MOV) is the MOVN utility token and the symbol of this new sports economy. It aligns all objectives within our community. As a Superapp, we give players access to a plethora of third-party services (miniapps) such as facility bookings, partner finder, marketplaces, eCommerce, games, NFT and many more. New services are added every month. At the same time we empower service providers with MOVN integrations, community and network effect. Our higher purpose is to increase the positive impact of sports on society. To achieve this goal, 100 star-athletes support our vision & growth.
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The current price of MOVN (MOV) is USD 0.00894144
24 Hours, High Price of MOVN (MOV) is USD 0 and Low price of MOVN (MOV) is USD 0
The total supply of MOVN (MOV) is 950000000 and Circulating supply of MOVN (MOV) is 0.00
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