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Envelop (Niftsy) (NIFTSY)
Envelop (Niftsy) (NIFTSY)
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ENVELOP (NIFTSY) is a flexible cross-chain tool set able to give any NFT new functionality (economic set-up, on-chain royalties, rental mechanism, time/value/event-locks), protection of devaluation and anti-fraud system. Now easily implemented in GameFi, Marketplaces, Art, Metaverses and non-pledge NFT-rental.Project’s long term aim is cross-chain tokenization of payment channels (rollups) to intensified unused liquidity. What will lead further to the world’s biggest market - derivatives - ENVELOP is to create first secured decentralized derivatives.ENVELOP DAO consists of three main parts, binded together by NIFTSY token:1) Protocol to add the digital assets inside NFTs and set on-chain royalties;2) Oracle to score the collateral and assess the quality of assets inside NFTs;3) Index to hedge the position to the whole NFT market — becomes one of the first decentralised and collateralised simultaneously market indices for NFT and related assets (synthetic, among others).
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The current price of Envelop (Niftsy) (NIFTSY) is USD 0.00050053
24 Hours, High Price of Envelop (Niftsy) (NIFTSY) is USD 0 and Low price of Envelop (Niftsy) (NIFTSY) is USD 0
The total supply of Envelop (Niftsy) (NIFTSY) is 500000000 and Circulating supply of Envelop (Niftsy) (NIFTSY) is 0.00
The trading volume of Envelop (Niftsy) (NIFTSY) is 143902 In the last 24 hours