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Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)
Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)
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Fully Diluted Valuation 906.03 B
Circulating 648,735,789.00
Total Supply 1,408,900,141.17
Max Supply 1,410,000,000.00
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Ocean Protocol is a blockchain-based ecosystem that makes it easy for people and businesses to find the value in their data and make money from it by using ERC-20-based datatokens.

Through Ocean Protocol, publishers can make money from their data without giving up privacy or control, and consumers can now get access to datasets that were either not available or hard to find. You can find these datasets on the Ocean Market, where you can also buy them to use or sell later.

On Ocean Protocol, each data service is represented by a unique datatoken, which is used to wrap a dataset or compute-to-data service. This lets third parties do things with the data without it ever leaving the secure enclave of the publisher.

OCEAN is a utility token that is used to run the community and "stake" data, as well as buy and sell data on the Ocean Market. It is also the basic unit of exchange on the Ocean Market. The price of these datatokens is set by an OCEAN-datatoken AMM pool. As datatokens are bought and sold, the price changes based on supply and demand.

Ocean Protocol was started in 2017 by a group of consultants and business owners who have a lot of experience building and growing high-tech companies.

Bruce Pon is an experienced international project manager and the CEO of BigchainDB. Trent McConaghy is an experienced engineer and an expert in artificial intelligence. Cristina Pon is the marketing director for both Ocean Protocol and BigchainDB, and Razvan Olteanu has more than 20 years of experience in senior technical and management roles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Crypto FAQs)
The current price of Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is USD 0.946587
24 Hours, High Price of Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is USD 0.985052 and Low price of Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is USD 0.946058
The total supply of Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is 1408900141.1674 and Circulating supply of Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is 648,735,789.00
The trading volume of Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is 13582620 In the last 24 hours