OctaSpace (OCTA)
OctaSpace (OCTA)
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Fully Diluted Valuation 906.03 B
Circulating 31,926,230.00
Total Supply 31,926,229.87
Max Supply 48,000,000.00
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What is the project about? OctaSpace is Proof-of-Work blockchain based on go-ethereum code base. It's works in cooperation with internal PoA network that used for increase throughput of transactions for billing needs. From utility point of view, OctaSpace is a public cloud platform, we build infrastructure and API on a top of hardware provided by users (not only) and implementing services like GPU marketplace, VPN access and application deployment. What makes your project unique? We focusing to be mostly open sourced and transparent, services we developing can be widely used to solve tasks from AI and ML fields, CGI and common rendering, password recovering and any other where huge computer powers and distributed environment is necessary. History of your project. Initially project started at 2020 as an idea to implement Proof-of-Concept of distributed system that able execute tasks and applications. Then first system was ready, we faced with problems related to scalability. Future development was stopped. In June 2022 project reborn with new core that eliminates problems we faced during PoC creation and now it's provide us possibility to implement initial ideas. What’s next for your project? In future plans we focusing on research and implement new services which would be useful for the end users and can be monetized. Also as a permanent task we working on improving API to access our services and improving UI of our products for better user's experience. What can your token be used for? OCTA is the main payment instrument and the currency used to pay for the services provided by the project, rewards to node owners and dividend payments for OCTA holders.
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The current price of OctaSpace (OCTA) is USD 2.14
24 Hours, High Price of OctaSpace (OCTA) is USD 2.26 and Low price of OctaSpace (OCTA) is USD 2.07
The total supply of OctaSpace (OCTA) is 31926229.874842 and Circulating supply of OctaSpace (OCTA) is 31,926,230.00
The trading volume of OctaSpace (OCTA) is In the last 24 hours