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Pax.World is a ready-to-deploy open metaverse platform that provides advanced audio, video and chat features along with realistic avatars with advanced technical specifications. The project aims to offer rich, interactive experiences that facilitate education, socialization, commerce, entertainment and more. Pax.World achieves its aim using a performance-optimized virtual world that provides the users with the ability to build and purchase 3D assets such as real estate.’s native token, the PAXW, is a utility token. It serves a variety of purposes within and beyond. User rewards - Users are rewarded in PAXW for in-world achievements, for creating engaging content, and for helping to build and support the community. Governance - Holding PAXW tokens allows users to participate in voting to determine the general direction of, allocate content rewards, and decide on the allocation of DAO-owned resources. Payment - PAXW will be used to pay for land purchases, in-world services and enhancements and as part of a vibrant metaverse marketplace for both real and virtual goods and services. Staking - Staking is a way for community members to support the project and enhance their experience along the way by gaining access to exclusive rewards or boosting the level of rewards received from their achievements, content or community engagement.
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