Pocket Network (POKT)
Pocket Network (POKT)
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Pocket Network is a decentralised blockchain data platform. It is a protocol that can connect to any blockchain and meet the data needs of Web3 dApps. Pocket Network uses efficient economics to coordinate and distribute large amounts of data. The POKT token is used to make the service of the protocol possible.

Pocket Network nodes are the middle layer that connects the more than 50 blockchains that the protocol supports to their ecosystems of decentralised applications (dApps) that need data from the chain. Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is the consensus mechanism that makes the network work. It allows dApps to grow and keep their data consistent.

Centralization has been a problem for a long time with the RPC layer of the Web3 stack. When the founders of Pocket Network tried out Ethereum in 2016, they saw this problem.

Pocket Network solves the problem of being able to access decentralised networks through a small number of centralised service providers. This problem is a major threat to the existence of Web3. Because of this risk, Pocket Network was made so that Web3 infrastructure could be done the right way: in a decentralised way.

Since the beginning, Pocket Network has focused on Web3 in its purest form. Pocket Network is the first project to build a decentralised infrastructure that can serve applications and projects of all sizes in a reliable way. Our global network of thousands of full nodes now meets the data needs of more than 50 different blockchains. It also gives developers constant uptime, optimised quality of service, ease of use, and the most privacy and censorship-resistance possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Crypto FAQs)
The current price of Pocket Network (POKT) is USD 0.04865951
24 Hours, High Price of Pocket Network (POKT) is USD 0.04938161 and Low price of Pocket Network (POKT) is USD 0.04766815
The total supply of Pocket Network (POKT) is 1717741854.803 and Circulating supply of Pocket Network (POKT) is 1,686,643,723.00
The trading volume of Pocket Network (POKT) is 1824927 In the last 24 hours