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VeriCoin (VRC) VeriCoin (VRC)
Circulating 37,800,010.00
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VeriCoin (VRC) is a Proof of Stake-Time cryptocurrency. It was previously a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency with Proof of Work used to mine coins in the early stage. VeriCoin began work on PoST after the MintPal VRC hack and the subsequent roll back. More information on Proof of Stake-Time can be obtained by reading the whitepaper here. There is no Pre-mine or IPO for VeriCoin. The minimum stake time is at least 8 hours. The one highlight feature of VeriCoin is VeriFund. VeriFund is the answer to ensure stability and growth of VeriCoin. It is used to counter the inflationary effect of the proof of stake. When the supply increases, VeriFund will purchase liquid supply of VeriCoin to ensure growth and stability of the coin's value. More info about VeriFund can be found at Another key feature of VeriCoin is VeriSMS. VeriSMS is an SMS wallet system that gives your phone capability to access the VeriCoin network. Some of the available commands include "Balance", "setpassword", and "SEND". More information about VeriSMS can be found at
Frequently Asked Questions (Crypto FAQs)
The current price of VeriCoin (VRC) is USD 0.00110733
24 Hours, High Price of VeriCoin (VRC) is USD 0 and Low price of VeriCoin (VRC) is USD 0
The total supply of VeriCoin (VRC) is and Circulating supply of VeriCoin (VRC) is 37,800,010.00
The trading volume of VeriCoin (VRC) is 187 In the last 24 hours