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BlockDAG Craze Causes Interest in ICP and InQubeta to Wane, Investors Buy in for 1000x Returns

BlockDAG Craze Cause

BlockDAG Coin Presale Surges, Attracts Investors for 1000x Returns

Internet Computer's price predictions for ICP are largely favorable, with some predicting a price of around $15.644 or $34.477 by the end of 2024. InQubeta's presale is gaining popularity among ICO investors; on the other hand, BlockDAG Coin (BDAG) had a remarkable value surge, going from $0.0010 to $0.0015 within days after entering batch 2 of its presale for its potential 1000x. This increase was caused by the huge success of the previous batch, prompting the new network to launch its $2 million mega giveaway and reward community members. Let us break down the events.


Internet Computer Price Predictions Indicate Surge 

ICP is a utility token of the Internet Computer network, enabling the creation and operation of app distributions at unprecedented speeds and scale. As of the start of 2024, Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction remained largely favourable, with some analytics predicting a price of around $15.644. In contrast, WalletInvestor even suggests a price of $34.477 by the year's conclusion.


Despite the fact that 100% correct technical evaluation for Internet Computer cryptocurrency is extremely difficult, TradingView's comprehensive technical evaluation tool displays the real-time cumulative Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction buy-and-sell score for the given time frame. The summary for ICP/USD depends on the most prominent technical indications: Moving Averages, Oscillations, and Pivot Points.

InQubeta's Presale Shines

InQubeta (QUBE) is the talk of the crypto community, especially among ICO investors and knowledgeable fans. As a new cryptocurrency with amazing upward potential, investors have been doubling down, propelling it above $9.7 million in initial fundraising.

BlockDAG About to 100X

The presale is presently on stage 7, and each token costs only $0.0224. Experts are optimistic, forecasting a 7,000% increase following its introduction, establishing it as one of the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in - a recommended presale.

Furthermore, its originality as an AI cryptocurrency aimed at addressing important difficulties in the rapidly growing AI field adds to its popularity. It aims to change the industry's financing landscape by launching the first cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding platform for AI tech firms.

BlockDAG: The Next Big Thing 

The cryptocurrency coins of 2024 have plummeted due to the intense competitiveness of BlockDAG's presale. In its first presale batch, BlockDAG crossed $2 million, causing the price to rise by 50% and propelling the coin into the second batch of presale. One BDAG coin, which was priced at $0.0010 in the first batch, has already risen to $0.0015 in just days! This rapid success caused FOMO amongst traders, who are amazed by BDAG’s potential to yield more than 1000x returns.

BlockDAG 2

The positive factor behind this project: BlockDAG is a layer 1 blockchain technology that allows for scalable, comprehensive output and fast confirmation. BlockDAG's powerful DAG (Directed Acyclic Graphs) technology avoids barren blocks during ledger transactions while ensuring safety.

To decentralize the mining sector, BlockDAG has released the X-Series Asic crypto mining devices, which are expected to revolutionize the industry, by allowing miners to mine without spending too many resources, be it phone battery on the web application, or energy/time in the hardware. This is one of the central pillars of the user-centric and sustainable strategy behind the brand.

Aside from software, BlockDAG has released three top-notch hardware products: x10, x30, and x100. These three devices varied in size, power, and use of energy, with the largest, x100, capable of mining up to 2,000 BDAG coins each day, worth $100 once the coin reaches its launch price.

BlockDAG IN Boom

BlockDAG has now launched a $2 million shared massive giveaway to boost interest even further. In this event, the project will go all out for those in interest, offering 50 cash awards. To become involved, participants need to follow the web-based platforms, submit their wallet addresses, complete the quests, and invite their friends to join. Later, BlockDAG will reveal the winners on its platforms.

Embrace the Future with BlockDAG Crypto Presale:





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