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BlockDAG Mobile Mining’s 5000x Potential Fades Floki Inu and SHIB Burn

16-Feb-2024 By: Simran Mishra
BlockDAG Mobile Mini

Floki APY Soars, SHIB Burn Surges, BlockDAG Mobile Miner Sparks FOMO

Hong Kong's SFC spotlighted Floki's annual percentage yield (APY) dance from 30% to 100%. Meanwhile, Shiba Inu's (SHIB) burn rate soared by over 660%, igniting a 2.04% price surge. 

Ready for more? Uncover BlockDAG’s game-changing crypto mobile miner x1, shaping the future of eco-friendly crypto. Allowing miners to earn potential 5000x returns.

Floki Responds to Hong Kong Warning

In a blog post, Floki Inu (FLOKI) reacted to the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission’s (SFC) warning about their staking programs. The SFC highlighted Floki's high APY, which ranged from 30% to more than 100%. Floki highlighted that TOKEN, their sister project's utility token, drove the APY through a unique token allocation process.

The team highlighted compliance initiatives, such as warnings and bans on Hong Kong users. Floki acknowledged his respect for authorities but contended that the warning was only based on the high APY. 

Shiba Inu's Burn Rate 

Shibburn's most recent data showed a 660% increase in the Shiba Inu burn rate. This surge was driven by the Shiba Inu community's active transfer of 111.66 million SHIB to a defunct wallet address. Two wallet addresses (beginning with 0xc60 and 0xa9d) were responsible for the rise in SHIB usage. A total of 1.66 million SHIB were burnt. Traders and investors took note of this.

The memecoin’s price has increased by over 1.50% this week. The continued surge is due to the community's attempts to change SHIB tokenomics by reducing its circulating supply. 

BlockDAG Mobile Mining: 5000x Potential Returns

Journey through BlockDAG's (BDAG) vibrant ecosystem, where miners mature into true proof-of-work (PoW) specialists. BlockDAG’s mining solutions, ranging from the user-friendly x1 to the home mining rigs x100, revolutionise crypto mining with high hash rates and little resource use. 

Explore the capabilities and potential of BlockDAG's mobile mining with us. The x1 mobile mining app, known for its sleek design, yields 20 BDAG daily, initially valued at $1. Scaling up, the x10 model boosts this to 200 BDAG per day, valued at $10. The powerhouse x30 boasts a 100 GH/s hash rate, producing a remarkable 600 BDAG daily, worth $30. Lastly, the x100 peaks with an astounding 2TH/s, generating an impressive 2000 BDAG daily, earning miners $100 at launch.

Analysts predict 5000x returns for BlockDAG investors and miners in the coming months. The network aims to democratise Bitcoin mining. Its ecologically friendly approach allows home mining devices to engage without using vital resources. They strike a balance with our cutting-edge hybrid consensus approach, resulting in high hashing power per watt—a game changer for proof-of-work algorithms.

Floki Inu's unique APY approach and Shiba Inu's blazing fury drive the market. Floki's response to the Hong Kong SFC's warning demonstrates dedication, whereas Shiba's 660.22% burn rise causes a 2.04% price increase. 

However, BlockDAG is reinventing the crypto mobile mining industry. From the elegant x1 to the powerful x100 model, these home miners redefine efficiency. BlockDAG's eco-friendly attitude balances power and sustainability, resulting in a community-driven future. Join BlockDAG, where innovation meets mining, and let's take the exciting crypto adventure together. 





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