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Dent (DENT) Dent


Dent is a decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace where people can buy and sell different mobile data services. The platform provides free roaming calls, mobile internet plans, eSIM cards, and call minutes. Dent intends to transform how mobile data is used and paid for by giving network users control over mobile data services.

Dent enables users to donate, purchase, and sell mobile data and related services on the Ethereum blockchain, thereby providing a decentralized, safe, and automated worldwide market for mobile data services. Mobile data has become a requirement in all regions of the world, but mobile service providers do not always provide adequate service. Because of this, Dent connects users from all regions of the world using blockchain and places control over the mobile data market in the hands of network users.


This network was created by a team of three people whose main goal was to disrupt the mobile data roaming industry. Tero Katajainen, a Finnish electrical engineer, launched Dent Wireless Ltd. in 2014; the company develops and manages the Dent exchange. It began functioning in 2017.

He was helped by two more skilled professionals, Miko Linnamki and Andreas Vollmer. Both of these individuals had remarkable careers as internet entrepreneurs, having founded a number of internet-related businesses.


The traditional model for telecommunications has trouble growing beyond the level of the individual consumer. Mobile data usage is typically limited to local and regional areas, resulting in increased expenses for international travelers.

The majority of smartphone users are restricted by their data options, resulting in either excessive or inadequate usage. Any data that is not utilized is returned to the network. Not only are consumers losing money owing to costly routings between foreign and domestic telecoms, but telcos are also losing revenue.

In an effort to solve these problems, telcos are expanding into regional and global partnerships as well as joint ventures. The Dent Ecosystem was created as a possible solution to these problems.


Dent is composed of three parts:

  • The Mobile Data Marketplace is where users can use DENT to buy and sell mobile data. There is also an "offers" section where users can earn DENT by playing online games or filling out surveys.

  • The DENT Exchange is comparable to an online trading platform like a stock or commodities market. Consumers and virtual operators (telcos) can access the exchange via a website or mobile app to make orders, examine pricing, and submit market bids.

  • The DENT app for mobile devices, which has been downloaded more than 14 million times from the App Store and the Google Play Store, is very popular. But because many users were given DENT tokens as an incentive to download the app, not all of them may be active now.


  • Dent can be used by individuals and telecommunications companies to sell mobile data services at reasonable prices and on a global level, so that anyone can easily get these services.

  • Dent network can be used to buy, sell, and donate mobile data with the help of novel technologies and decentralization, which combined constitute a P2P market that is entirely user-dependent and operates automatically.

  • DENT coins can be used to pay for and receive payments for mobile data, but they can also be swapped for fiat and other cryptocurrencies, or traded for profit on the cryptocurrency market.






Conflux network token spikes 150% on China Telecom partnership, Dent follows it

+29% Increase


Altcoins surge as Bitcoin bulls gain strength to attack $48,000

+118% Increase


Dent gets listed on KuCoin exchange

+85% Increase


The exponential development of mobile data usage has created an opportunity for a "middleman" to resell mobile data that would otherwise be lost. Although there are no obvious issues with Dent's technology, the question for blockchain proponents is whether Dent can become a fully decentralized platform, in contrast to its centralized telco competitors. It remains to be seen how Dent and the DENT token will perform in the future, especially in light of the past announcement of an updated and ambitious plan.


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