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Numeraire (NMR) Numeraire


Numerai is an ERC20 token whose main purpose is to facilitate the exploration and development of machine learning algorithms by developers and data scientists. The developers can build these things more reliably with the help of the NMR platform. The primary objective of the NMR platform is to decentralize the area of data science while also enabling developers to create effective machine learning prediction models in a competitive environment.


The hedge fund software was built and designed by the hedge fund firm Numerai using the Ethereum network. Numerai was launched in 2015 by Richard Craib in San Francisco. Richard Craib is known for his creative approach to managing hedge funds and for coming up with the revolutionary idea of relying so strongly on artificial intelligence to predict stock prices. From 2016 to 2020, there were four major funding rounds for the Numerai project, during which the company garnered about $21 million.


Numeraire (NMR) facilitates equity trading on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform eliminates the influence of emotions on your trading approach. Instead, users develop machine learning models based on abstract financial data to forecast the stock market.

Numeraire's creators went to great lengths to make all the network's crucial processes as simple as possible. The user interface is set up in a clear and simple way that makes it convenient to find the most commonly utilized features. You can stake and make predictions without having any prior experience with the dashboard.


Numerai runs an artificial intelligence aggregation model, referred to as a "metamodel," that integrates all the predictions it receives from members in its application network.

The hedge fund then uses this model to make stock market trades algorithmically, and it makes this model available to anyone with network access through its suite of products.

  • Numerai Tournament: Numerai Tournament is a weekly competition that rewards data scientists with NMR tokens for making market predictions.

To participate, individuals submit their forecasts on a dataset via a staking system, which are then evaluated and scored according to their accuracy.

Players who correctly predicted using their staked NMR tokens would receive newly created NMR tokens; otherwise, the staked NMR will be burned, or permanently destroyed.

  • Numerai Signals: Numerai Signals is an ongoing application that lets users predict the equity markets for the possibility of winning NMR tokens.

In practice, users submit a signal indicating a trading strategy for one of the 5,000 stocks in "Numerai's stock universe." Even though the data used to make a signal, such as P/E ratios, RSI, or the mood of social media, can be different, the signals themselves are always given as stock tickers and a predicted value in numbers.


The following are some possible applications for the Numeraire coins:

  • Make predictions: Users need to stake their Numeraire Coins in order to make predictions using the platform.

  • Pay for services: NMR is the digital asset token used to purchase services on the Numeraire network.

  • Exchange Numeraire: NMR can be bought and sold for real money or other digital assets.

  • Trading: Numeraire cryptocurrency can be traded by storing it in a cryptocurrency wallet.






Numeraire soars after Coinbase listing

+145% Increase


Venture capital firms put $11 million into Numerai's token sale

+35% Increase


Numerai is a one-of-a-kind hedge fund aggregator that gives financial consultants and data scientists an incredible opportunity to generate additional cash from their uploaded forecasts. Numerai's software allows anyone to trade in stocks on live markets by using Tournament and Signals. 

Numerai creates a global hedge fund that is driven by the NMR cryptocurrency and the aggregate capital in the network. These individuals can invest in stocks and make money using precise prediction models in a decentralized market driven by artificial intelligence, cryptography, machine learning, and data science.


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