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TitanSwap is a decentralized DeFi project that aims to offer its customers the finest liquidity options for trading across chains and a variety of digital assets. The project features a native cryptocurrency called TITAN coin and is built on the Ethereum network. The platform runs a decentralized exchange in addition to offering DeFi products (DEX). The website allows users to purchase and sell various assets. It also has a liquidity pool that facilitates smart orders.

The project uses the Automated Market Maker to evaluate the worth of its assets (AMM). AMMs price assets using the trading algorithm rather than the order book. There is also a device on the market called smart route. The smart route is a system that enables the algorithm to find the finest liquidity pools across various blockchains. This approach enables users to take advantage of the greatest liquidity pools. DEX also enables cryptocurrency trading by linking to other blockchains.


The TITAN Foundation created Project Titan. It consisted of a group of experts skilled in cryptocurrencies, trading, and decentralized finance. They created the Titan protocol in such a way that, they did not have any special powers as the protocol was made permissionless.

The significant contributors to the protocol include:

Dzhyhir Anton (CEO/CTO) Ethereum and Cosmos Network maintainer, technical creator of two blockchain start-ups

Morozova Ksenia Nikolaevna (CMO) Speaks Russian, English, and Ukrainian fluently. Specialist in digital marketing

Yevheniia Sahaidak (Lead SME) Previously worked as a tech lead for Google Adwords and Bitrix, Asana, and 1C.


The population of DeFi directly contributed to a rapid rise in DEX's acceptance in 2020. All blockchain projects, new and old, desired to link with DEX: projects that have been listed on CEX in the past intended to create an extra liquid pool in DEX; projects that have not yet been listed on DEX want to make their debut there.

Due to the absence of censorship in some exchanges and the mixed bag of listed projects, some DeFi token values disappeared into the air, leaving some investors in tears. The JustSwap event, in particular, has just recently become a joke in the circle, generating widespread public concern about the security of the DEX market.

Some other problems that DEX faces are:

·       Due to the congestion of transactions on the DEX chain, users frequently have to wait several minutes to learn the final status of the transaction, resulting in a high price (GAS).

·       In terms of user experience, DEX is extremely different from CEX, and customers cannot receive the trading pair's historical price via the interface, so they lack a good knowledge of the current buying price in the recent price range.

Many DEX initiatives were trying to address DEX difficulties and waiting for the opportunity to overcome the existing DEXs, which paved the way for the creation of Titanswap.

TitanSwap wants to provide Generation Z and new millennials total control of their financial goods without any centralized custody. TITANprovides a solution for utilizing a limited number of digital assets without the requirement for sophisticated on-chain transactions or significant financial knowledge.


·       Liquidity Providers- Provide trading liquidity to the whole market, maximize capital utilization with the TITAN Adaptive Bonding Curve, and receive TITAN incentives in addition to trading costs.

·       Strategy Brokerage- Planner and implementer of TITAN Automated Order, a strategy brokerage that offers a rich order approach on top of an automated market-making making mechanism.

·       Traders-With TITAN's user-centered decentralized exchange, it employs non-custodial ways of trading to ensure the security of funds. At the same time, TITAN Smart Route ensures that traders follow the ideal path to assure the least amount of slippage and the highest possible price.

·       Developers-The TITAN DAO is a decentralized community platform, and owners of TITAN also serve as the ecosystem's developers. They have proposal and voting rights, as well as participation and decision-making rights in all areas related to the TITAN economic model, contract audits, technological approach, etc.


The use cases of Titan coins are:

·       Titan coin is a cryptocurrency that can be used on TitanSwap's DEX and DeFi services.

·       TITAN also serves as the network's governance token, maintaining the platform's decentralization.

·       TITAN is utilized for different operations on the platform and gives benefits to its owners.

·       TITAN coin holders can swap cryptocurrencies across chains, pay transaction fees with TITAN, and make passive revenue by mining automatic liquidity.

·       TITAN owners can lock their assets with a chosen maturity to get extra token incentives at the end of the period.






TITAN deposits and withdrawals are now supported by Coinbase Custody

+60% Increase


Titanswap gets listed on KuCoin

+132% Increase


It is believed that DEX and CEX will survive for a long time, but in the long term, DEX will surely include more CEX functionalities. TITAN is expected to use its first-mover advantage to become a game changer in the future DEX environment. TitanSwap is exciting, whether it will challenge Uniswap's present supremacy or add new wealth to the market.


Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Crypto products are currently unregulated and subject to market risk. Please seek independent financial advice or do your own research before investing.