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WOO Network (WOO) WOO Network


WOO Network (WOO) is the world's first social media network that pays users for generating original content. WOO uses a "Woo Point" system to reward users for creating and sharing high-quality content. These Woo points may be redeemed by members for rewards like gift cards, deals, and exclusive content. 

WOO Network is a decentralized network that allows everyone to access the internet without restriction or boundaries. The WOO Coin, which is used to purchase data or bandwidth from any provider on the network, runs the network.

The WOO Network cannot be stopped or restricted since it is created as censorship-resistant. Additionally, the network is exceptionally well-built, so even if some of it goes offline, it can still function.

The WOO Network is an open-source project, meaning that anybody may contribute to its development. 


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