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GEM COIN Gem Coin Spell (SPELL)


Spell (SPELL)

Entry Date : 17th May 2022

Entry Price : 0.001485

C.M.P. : 0.00049209

Return (%) : -66.86 %

Averaging Point From: 0.0045

Averaging Point To:

Target Price : 10 to 20x

Holding Period :

Launch Date :

Launch Price : 0.0005

ATH : 0.03506357

ATL : 0.00029812

About us

SPELL token is a reward token associated with, which is a lending platform and also provides yield forming opportunities to its users. users can deposit money in form of interest bearing tokens as collateral and borrow magic internet money which is a stable coin.

Reason to Buy

The system of reward while lending is very well accepted by users in crypto space, and company has already burned 210 Bn token out of total 420 Bn tokens, and major crypto investment company invested in this token.