Bitcoin Price:Is BTC Bull Run Over as Bulls Lose 200-Day MA?

05-Jul-2024 By: Lokesh Gupta
Bitcoin Price:Is BTC Bull Run Over as Bulls Lose 200-Day MA?

Bitcoin price falls, eyes crucial $50,000 support next

  • The crypto markets saw a significant downturn following the movement of 47,228 BTC from the Mt. Gox cold wallet, facilitating a $9 billion payout.

  • German Government Transfers 1,300 BTC to CEX, Expanding Holdings to Over 40,000 BTC.

  • Similar to events in May 2021 after an SNL appearance by Elon Musk, BTC reached new highs in April 2021 and then fell by approximately 55% in May.

  • In March 2024, $BTC hit a new all-time high but has since dropped by 27%, potentially revisiting the $33,000 level.

  • #Bitcoin recently formed a Double Top pattern, breaking below its neckline, signaling increased selling pressure.

  • The price of Bitcoin dipped below a crucial multi-month support level, closing under it yesterday.

  • Recently, #Bitcoin fell to its lowest price in 127 days, dropping below $56,724 as of February 28, 2024.

  • Concerns are rising as Bitcoin's price falls below its 200-day average, with fears that it may lose support at $53,000.

  • According to Coin Gabbar analysis, If buyers can maintain the $53,000 level, Bitcoin could see a rebound toward $56,500 and potentially $60,000.

  • However, if panic selling ensues, BTC might test $50,000 and potentially lower levels.


RESISTANCE LEVEL : $56,500-$60,000

SUPPORT LEVEL : $52,200-$50,000

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