Crow With Knife Price Prediction: Will Bloodbath Continue?

02-Jul-2024 By: Lokesh Gupta
Crow With Knife Price Prediction: Will Bloodbath Continue?

Crow With Knife sees consolidation without a clear trend

  • In early May, CAW/USD experienced a significant surge, peaking at $0.0000001500 before correcting sharply to around $0.0000000500.

  • From mid-May to late June, the price stabilized between $0.0000000500 and $0.0000000900.

  • Recently, there has been upward movement towards late June, followed by a retracement. 

  • The 4-hour chart's RSI is at 47.42, indicating a neutral market.

  • According to Coingabbar analysis, Immediate support level is at $0.0000000650. A break below this could test support around $0.0000000500.

  • On the upside, Immediate resistance is at $0.0000000700. A breakout above this level might push the price towards the next resistance at $0.0000000900.


RESISTANCE LEVEL : $0.00000008300-$0.00000009300

SUPPORT LEVEL : $0.00000005400-$0.00000002900

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