Crow With Knife Price Prediction: Is CAW the New Rising Star

06-Jul-2024 By: Lokesh Gupta
Crow With Knife Price Prediction: Is CAW the New Rising Star

Hourly chart hints at possible "V" shape recovery ahead

  • $CAW commenced trading in late April, seeing a remarkable 400% surge and reaching a peak of $0.0000001500.

  • From May 1st onwards, the price began a downward trend, hitting a low of $0.00000004175 on May 11th.

  • Since then, CAW's price has fluctuated between approximately $0.00000008000 and $0.00000005400.

  • There was a significant spike close to $0.0000009500, quickly followed by a sharp retreat.

  • Despite the spike, bullish momentum waned, causing the price to retrace towards $0.0000005500.

  • CAW, after enduring seven days of selling pressure, showed a bullish reversal yesterday with the formation of a Long Wick Green candle.

  • This signals a bullish reversal, with the price rising 15% from its low.

  • According to Coingabbar analysis, If the support at $0.00000005500 holds, the price could target levels between $0.00000008000 and $0.00000009500.

  • However, if this support fails, it might trigger panic selling, potentially pushing the price down to $0.00000004200-$0.00000002900.


RESISTANCE LEVEL : $0.00000007500-$0.00000009500

SUPPORT LEVEL : $0.00000005500-$0.00000003000

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