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Ethereum Price Prediction: Bulls Rally Losing Steam

12-Feb-2024 By: Lokesh Gupta
Ethereum Price Prediction: Bulls Rally Losing Steam

Ethereum price prediction 2025 will be approximately $5,000

  • Ethereum’s recent resurgence stemmed from a pivotal demand zone at $2200, marking a solid uptrend for the altcoin.

  • Following the breach of the $2,420 resistance, Ethereum's price exhibited a steady climb, surpassing $2,450 and $2,500 thresholds, albeit trailing behind Bitcoin's performance.

  • Currently, Ethereum is facing resistance at the $2,550 mark, posing a challenge for further upward movement.

  • The bullish trajectory of Ethereum's price appears to be forming a rounding bottom pattern as it approaches the significant $2600 resistance level.

  • There's growing anticipation among investors for Ethereum to break past $2600, with hopes of a subsequent surge towards the $3000 milestone.

  • Buyers are gearing up for a potential bull run in light of these expectations.

  • A potential downside correction looms if Ethereum fails to maintain support above $2,450.

  • Coingabbar analysis, Ethereum price prediction 2030 would be projected near $10,000.


RESISTANCE LEVEL : $2,550-$2,620

SUPPORT LEVEL : $2,435-$2,360

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