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5 Emerging Coins to Watch Post Bitcoin Halving

Key Takeaways
  • Amidst cryptocurrency turbulence, Bitcoin halvings attract traders, but attention shifts to smaller-cap tokens for potential exponential gains.
  •'s strategic maneuvers drive CHO token's 641% surge, diversifying into B2B with Vault merger and promising reward system.
  • HUMAN Protocol aims to humanize work, with HMT facilitating fair interactions, yet faces potential bearish trend despite recent price upticks.
10-Apr-2024 Sourabh Agrawal
5 Emerging Coins to Watch Post Bitcoin Halving

Unveiling Potential: Top Tokens Beyond Bitcoin Halving

In the turbulent seas of cryptocurrency trading, few events stir the waters quite like Bitcoin halvings. Yet, while Bitcoin itself becomes the focal point for many traders during these times, there are traders who set their sights on smaller-cap options, seeking not just waves but tsunamis of profit. 

During the previous halving, tokens such as ZAP, AAVE, and LINK showed remarkable growth, with gains reaching heights previously unseen, even surpassing 2000%. With the next Bitcoin halving approaching in less than three weeks, the stage is set for a new, fresh group of tokens to thrive, and these five could be just that.


CHO has experienced an exponential 641% increase in value since the start of the year. This surge is no happenstance, but a result of's strategic actions. While its primary focus since 2022 has been on connecting cryptocurrencies with traditional finance, the company now sets its sights on even more ambitious endeavors.

With a pivot towards the B2B sector, is diversifying its portfolio, while Vault, a B2B2C digital/crypto banking provider founded by the same team has already secured over 54 contracts exceeding $18 million in its inaugural year. Not so long ago, it was announced that and Vault would merge into a single ecosystem, that should support a new reward system for CHO holders. They will be receiving up to 20% of Vault's revenue through CHO staking, which is exactly what makes investing in the token now very appealing to the community. chart

Moving ahead,'s recent announcement of soon enabling users to order crypto-compatible Mastercard debit cards signifies its commitment to innovation. Even though this news does not directly affect CHO's price and utility, it, once again, proves Choise's dedication to making crypto simple and widely accessible and increases the chances of the token’s appreciation.


HUMAN Protocol offers an infrastructure for requesting and completing work and intends to simplify interactions between parties, all while ensuring fairness. The main idea behind the project is already hinted at in its name: to make work more humane, eliminate the need for intermediaries, and bring AI and humans closer together.


Within the HUMAN Protocol ecosystem, key players include Workers, Operators, Requesters, and Job Launchers, each interacting with the HUMAN Token (HMT). For instance, Job Requesters are required to pre-fund each task (with funds held in escrow), while Workers receive payment in HMT upon task completion. 

The price of HMT has increased by 11.59% in the last month and by 13.29% in the past 7 days, however, short-term moving averages are signaling that a bearish trend might be on the horizon.

MOB Coin

MOB Coin serves as the native currency of MobileCoin, a platform crafted with privacy at its core to facilitate swift and confidential mobile payments. Integrated with Signal, renowned for its robust security measures and unwavering dedication to user privacy, MobileCoin enables payments to be sent as effortlessly as sending a text message. For those who prefer alternatives to Signal or do not use it, MOB Coin payments can also be sent via the official MobileCoin wallet, Moby, Mixin Messenger, or Fennec Wallet.

Mobile Coin

While the price action has been somewhat choppy in recent days, it continues to maintain its positive trend. Should it breach the resistance at $0.958, the next stronger resistance zone lies at $0.15. 

That's the perpetual conundrum with privacy-related coins – they often operate in the shadow of uncertainty, challenging the dominance of centralized finance. However, MOB Coin has established its presence over time, and perhaps this bull run could be its moment to truly dazzle.


pSTAKE Finance and its $PSTAKE airdrop have been sparking excitement within the crypto community over the past few weeks. Backed by Binance Labs, pSTAKE Finance is a provider of liquid stake solutions for multiple chains - BNB Chain, Osmosis, and a couple more. $PSTAKE, a utility and governance token, is being distributed for free to all users of the pSTAKE Finance ecosystem and can be staked for additional benefits.

pSTAKE Finance

pSTAKE Finance has recently unveiled plans to launch stkSOL, a novel Solana liquid staking solution slated for release in May. Solana holders are now given an opportunity to get complimentary $PSTAKE tokens through this initiative, which can potentially drive its price even higher.

The pSTAKE token has surged by 14% over the past week, reaching a peak of $0.18, although the price is currently consolidating around $0.13. Price consolidations are commonplace; however, investors should remain vigilant about $PSTAKE price movements as we approach May. If the Solana community reacts positively to stkSOL, the price will likely soar past $0.18, but caution is advised.


Boson Protocol is a decentralized marketplace that allows users to tokenize their real-world assets and hold, buy or sell them in the form of NFTs. $BOSON is the core of the Boson Protocol and can be used for governance, fee payment, supporting network functionality, and rewarding protocol users.

Boson Protocol

The 2024 roadmap for the Boson Protocol includes enabling creator royalties on secondary sales of physical products, launching an enterprise app, and establishing a physical RWA global marketplace, among other initiatives.

The Boson Protocol v2.4 ‘Schrödinger Update is the update driving up the price of the $BOSON token, marking the most significant upgrade since the marketplace's inception. The token's price has surged by 78% since last month and is currently consolidating, yet, it is still not listed on any major exchange and there are some rumors about potential insider trading, which could hint at a possible pump-and-dump scenario after this recent surge. 


While March witnessed a mix of bearish and bullish trends and high volatility, especially after Bitcoin reached its all-time high of $73,778 and then fell back to $65,169, coins like BOSON remained relatively unaffected by the downturn and continued to perform well. 

However, the excitement and growth surrounding the CHO token were impossible to ignore compared to the rest of the market. CHO appears promising and has demonstrated greater stability compared to tokens like MOB Coin or HMT, for example. Moreover, the company has announced another round of updates that are yet to be released, a promise not shared by other projects. Moreover, if you're interested in promising airdrops, check out
and sign up for the airdrop waiting list. And always conduct thorough research before investing in any of the tokens reviewed in this article.

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